About the job

At Fastland Inc, we put our users first. The world is always changing so we need Product Managers who are continuously adapting and excited to work on products that affect millions of people every day.

In this role, you will work cross-functionally to guide products from conception to launch by connecting the technical and business worlds. You can break down complex problems into steps that drive product development at lightning speed.

About the job

A Senior Data Engineer provides technical and delivery leadership for a team of developers working on data integration and processing projects. This role will work with stakeholders and other developers to design and implement technical data solutions for the business in a way that balances quality, maintainability cost, and time.
  • Understand the cloud ecosystem, markets, competition and user requirements in depth.
  • Launch new products and features, test their performance and iterate quickly.
  • Work collaboratively with Engineering, Marketing, Legal and UX teams on cutting-edge technologies.
  • Develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s hardest problems by collaborating as needed across regions, product areas and functions.
  • Launch new products and features, test their performance and iterate quickly.

Skills & Qualification

  • Experience in one or more of the following: cloud infrastructure, big data, security and privacy, development and operations or artificial intelligence/machine learning.
  • Experience managing day-to-day technical and design direction.
  • Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as product management, engineering, UX/UI, sales, customer support, finance or marketing.
  • Ability to influence multiple stakeholders without direct authority.

Skills & Qualification

At Fastland we celebrate everyone and their multiple intersecting identities. We believe that a panorama of experience allows us to make better decisions together and inspires so that we can better serve our customers and community. Our goal is for metsys user to feel deeply connected to their team through mutual value, respect, and belief.

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