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27001:2013 to 27001:2022

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The Proxsis IT Group was created for solving Indonesia’s organizational issues. 4 business cells are housed at Proxsis IT Hub as part of a commitment to help Indonesian organizations through digital transformation.

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The HR Integrated System Software Achieved ISO 27001:2013 Certification

Examine Sakura Solusi's strategy for coordinating business requirements with IT systems so that certification will go smoothly.

Regional Banks that Attained Muri Records Following Certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Along with introducing its digital product, Bank BJB also achieved success in earning an IT system certificate in Information Security and Service Management.

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Our Tribe Leaders Meet the minds shaping your digital business

Roni Sulistyo Sutrisno

Senior IT GRC Consultant Proxsis IT Group

Andrianto Moeljono

CLA - Chairman Of The Board Proxsis IT Group

Erma Rosalina

ISO 27001 Junior Experts

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Deep Dive How Proxsis IT Helps Organizations.

Bank Daerah yang Meraih Rekor Muri Setelah Tersertifikasi ISO 27001:2013 & 200001

Tak hanya berhasil meluncurkan digital productnya, Bank BJB sukses mendapatkan sertifikat sistem TI dalam Keamanan Informasi serta Service Management.

Software HR Integrated System Telah Sukses Tersertifikasi ISO 27001:2013

Jelajahi pendekatan Sakura Solusi dalam menyelaraskan sistem TI dan kebutuhan bisnis hingga sukses tersertifikasi tanpa issue.

Proxsis IT
Professional Community

Review the most recent GRC IT issues and trends.

Konsultan Perencanaan

IT-Hub Cells

IT GRC Training & Event

Training in IT governance that includes implementing standards and legal compliance as well as linking to the Indonesia’s biggest IT governance network.

IT GRC Assessment & Audit

IT Governance Consultation and Assessment to achieve business goals and implement compliance with relevant regulations.

IT Tech Training, Bootcamp, & Event

Training, Courses, and Bootcamps to accelerate the competency of future sophisticated talents

Software Development & Applications

Use cutting-edge tech to completely transform your company. With the power of automation, you can quicken workflows, boost productivity, and promote growth.

Managed Services

Support solutions for continuously managing and maintaining your organization’s IT Services

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Roni Sulistyo Sutrisno

Andrianto Moeljono

Erma Rosalina

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