Audit SCV (Single Customer View)

Assessment of a Single Customer View (SCV) is typically required by organizations that need to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of their customer data across various systems and databases.


Why Do We Need?

Data Quality Assurance

To confirm and uphold the accuracy of customer data, SCV evaluations are crucial.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Organizations are required by numerous industries and regions to maintain accurate and secure customer data in accordance with data protection and privacy regulations. Ensuring compliance with these regulations is facilitated by a SCV audit.

Fraud Prevention

By ensuring that customer data is consistent and dependable, SCV assessments can assist organizations in identifying and preventing fraud by making it more difficult for bad actors to take advantage of data vulnerabilities.

How does it Works?

Specify the Audit Goals

Establish the precise objectives and goals of the SCV audit, such as identifying process improvements, guaranteeing data quality, and complying with regulations.

Determine Audit Scope

Specify the systems, data sources, and processes that will be investigated as part of the audit's scope. Ascertain which informational components are included in the SCV.

Determine Stakeholders

Determine the important parties involved, such as the business units in charge of administering and utilizing the SCV, IT staff, data stewards, and data owners.


Konfigurasi Manajemen ISO 20000-1 (1)

Manajemen Konfigurasi ISO 20000-1:2018

Salah satu persyaratan dari ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 adalah aspek Manajemen Konfigurasi (Configuration Management) yang disebutkan pada klausul 8.2.6.

Menurut persyaratan, CI (configuration item) harus dicatat hingga ke tingkat kritikalitas yang diperlukan (appropriate) dan dikendalikan.

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