Penetration Testing

A systematic and controlled approach to evaluating the security of computer systems, networks, applications, and other information technology assets.

Who Requires It?

Why Do We Need?

Vulnerability Identification

Through penetration testing, companies can find and record weaknesses that malevolent actors might exploit. By taking a proactive stance, possible security flaws are addressed before they are exploited against the company.

Risk Mitigation

Penetration testing lowers the chance of data theft, security breaches, and other cyberattacks by finding and fixing vulnerabilities.

Compliance Requirements

Conducting routine penetration tests is often necessary for organizations that handle sensitive customer data, such as credit card information (PCI DSS) or healthcare records (HIPAA).

How does it Works?

Penetration testing is a systematic, controlled process that mimics cyberattacks to find weaknesses in the networks, applications, and information systems of an organization. Penetration testing operates as follows

Getting Ready and Making Plans

  • Specify your goals: This includes defining the scope of the assessment as well as the systems, networks, or applications that will be tested.
  • Permission and Assent: To conduct the testing, get the appropriate approval and authorization from the organization’s management, IT staff, and pertinent stakeholders. 
  • Documentation: Keep a record of the test’s parameters, rules of participation, and any special restrictions. 

Determine Audit Scope

Specify the systems, data sources, and processes that will be investigated as part of the audit's scope. Ascertain which informational components are included in the SCV.

Determine Stakeholders

Determine the important parties involved, such as the business units in charge of administering and utilizing the SCV, IT staff, data stewards, and data owners.

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Konfigurasi Manajemen ISO 20000-1 (1)

Manajemen Konfigurasi ISO 20000-1:2018

Salah satu persyaratan dari ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 adalah aspek Manajemen Konfigurasi (Configuration Management) yang disebutkan pada klausul 8.2.6.

Menurut persyaratan, CI (configuration item) harus dicatat hingga ke tingkat kritikalitas yang diperlukan (appropriate) dan dikendalikan.

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